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The Witches Book of Potions by Michael Furie

The Witches Book of Potions by Michael Furie

Featuring more than 90 easy—to—follow recipes and detailed instructions on using potions in your practice, this fun, accessible book is a must—have for the witch's shelf. Join Michael Furie on an exploration of brews, infusions, and elixirs and how they empower your magical work. The Witch's Book of Potions provides recipes for nearly every intention, including healing, cleansing, protection, prosperity, and love.

Discover potions to raise your psychic skills, brews for the sabbats, astrological recipes, and other magical mixtures like oils and ointments. Learn how to use different kinds of cauldrons and make magical cocktails. With effective recipes, spells, and ingredient correspondences, this book brings the iconic image of a witch stirring her brew into twenty—first—century reality.

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