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Cat Whiskers

Cat Whiskers

ethically sourced from my own 2 cats. 


did you know that cats shed whiskers? It is normal for cats to shed a whisker or two once a month or so. I happen to have 2 cats at home with me and dark hardwood floors, its easy to spot nearly every whisker they drop. 


In the world of magic, cat whiskers can be a valuable tool in rituals. Cats use their whiskers to sense their surroundings, feel for things, and more. They are almost an extra set of eyes for cats. as such, these can be used for spells involving the need to see more, rather physically, or psychic. They can also be used to gain qualities that cats have, being more graceful, light footed, stealthy, hidding yourself from enemies, making wishes, protection, discovering secrets, catching cheaters, good luck and more. I personally keep one in the glovebox of my vehicle to prevent me from getting into car crashes. keeping one in your glove box helps to give you cat like reflexes. i feel i've been saved from many crashes thanks to the cat whisker. 


if you have cats of your own, look for their whiskers!


NEVER PLUCK, PULL OR CUT THEIR WHISKERS!!! that is considered animal abuse. 

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