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Aliens, Angels and Demons by Ariel Bar Tzadok

Aliens, Angels and Demons by Ariel Bar Tzadok

Yes, Torah, Judaism and Kabbalah do teach that we are not alone. We are not alone in our universe, nor are we alone here on our own planet. In Biblical, and later Judaic, and Kabbalistic literature, there is a long documented record of encounters with entities not of this Earth. This book documents the teachings of the Bible, Judaism, and the Kabbalah about extraterrestrial life. We explore the ancient legends about angels, and demons, as well as modern legends about aliens, and UFO's. We will attempt to investigate the question: aliens, angels, and demons; what is the connection? Aliens, Angels and Demons takes us on a journey from the secret teachings about Inner Earth and Pre-Adamic civilized humanity to the many extraterrestrial races in outer space, their relationship to us, (and to God), and our collective human future in dawning messianic times. Aliens, Angels and Demons looks at the teachings of the ancients alongside modern understandings, and insights. What we explore and discover is that the legends of old, and the legends of today might very well be one, and the same. More so, what is considered by many to be merely legend may indeed be something far greater, something very real, and something very relevant to us all. If you want to know what is out there, you might very well find your answers in here.

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