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The Interesting and Mysterious Talking Board

Ah yes, the Ouija board. I remember the very first one I ever bought was from a Toys'R'Us when they were still in operation. yes, a toy store. It was glow in the dark and on the box it said for ages 8 and up. It also mentioned that "adult assembly" was required. there was no assembly at all actually. None. You pull the board out, you put the planchette on it and you grab 1-3 of your friends and play away.

Now here's the even more surprising thing, back in 1891 when it was first made, it was marked as a toy known as an "interesting and mysterious" talking board. It sold for $1.50 ($43.66 today) so even then, it was considered a slightly affordable "toy". Stranger yet, is that its origins remain fairly unknown, other than it was created for use in contacting the dead. Spiritualism was not a huge thing in America until about 1848. Along with spiritualism came methods for contacting the dead. Many were faux, some were genuine. Not only was there the Ouija board, there were also crystal balls, divining rods, zodiacs, horoscopes and kabalas. All of these things were considered to be family friendly game night things! This add here is from the early 70's.

Despite its darker reputation today, the Ouija board didn't always have such a dark demeanor. Having a seance Saturday night and popping up at church the next day were just normal weekend things. In a time where the average lifespan may have been 50 years at most, and children passing away from various illnesses as well as men dying from war and women not making it through child birth, the Ouija board offered a bit of comfort to those who had lost loved ones. It also offered answers, reveled secrets, told you which choice to pick, if you were torn between different options, and even told you how you might die.

I remember a story my mother told me about her experience with a Ouija board. She told me that while living with her grandmother, her, a couple of her sisters and a couple of her cousins stumbled upon their grandmother's Ouija Board. She said at the time, she didn't believe in all that stuff. well, long story short, the board told them that one of her cousins would die soon. Of course they freaked out but still remained skeptical. Two weeks later, that cousin died in a car crash. Ever since then, my mother, her sisters and her cousins swore to never mess with anything like that again. Now, they thought that because they had messed with the board, that is why their cousin died. I personally feel that the board itself did not kill him, But who ever they contacted was warning them.

While it is a comfort to be able to speak to lost loved ones, you need to take extreme cation when using one. whatever your beliefs are, it is known that deamons or other negative entities can imitate a loved one. Or worse, when you do it with some one, they could pretend to also be a spirit. I'm not sure which is worse, an entity imitating my mother, or a person I call my friend playing with my feelings. In any case, it is wise to trust your gut.

Now then, while the board is something marketed towards children 8 years old and up, I highly do NOT recommend allowing your 8 year old to play on the "alphabet" board. Accidents can happen and we dont want that. On a different note, often, simply having one does not always mean that you have automatically brought spirits into your home. unless you bought it used. in which case, I suggest cleansing it, blessing it, making sure that it safe to take inside, before you put it in your home. I personally store the planchette separate from my board. This ensures that no accidental communication can happen. By keeping them separate, I dont mean that they should be in different rooms or anything, simply do not store the board with the planchette on top of it.

Safely using the Ouija Board

  1. Starting-before you put your hands on the planchette, or even the planchette on to teh board, be sure to create a form of protection. this is entirely personal. You can pray, cast a circle, do a protection spell, anything. put on protective spiritual armor.

  2. Choose subject-Before you begin asking a bunch of questions, first decide who you wish to talk to, which questions or topics you may cover and be mindful to not include topics or questions that make other participants uncomfortable.

  3. Greeting-greet the spirits that you may speak to. in this case, the best way I can describe this is to pretend you are having an event at your house. How would you greet living guests in your home? do this with those spirits. If you are trying to contact or summon a deity, do so in a respectful manner as you would any other living being who has high authority, such as the queen, the pope, the president, etc.

  4. Choose a person to speak-pick one person from your group to do all the speaking. This prevents too many questions being asked at once. imagine going to an interview and there are 4+ people there. Now imagine they all start asking different questions at once or just different questions in general and they are all of varying topics, that would be frustrating right? we don't want to frustrate or anger anyone or anything we ask to be with us.

  5. Start the Event-all participants place one or two fingers gently on the planchette. Intentionally move the planchette in clockwise circles to "warm it up". this also helps you discover if there are any snags or anything that will make moving the planchette difficult. This and the closing are the only times the planchette should be intentionally moved by any participants. You can now start asking questions. start with simple ones where the answer is only "yes" or "no", or a number at first. If you get good feed back, move onto more questions that may require spelling. Don't worry if it takes a while to get an answer. Often spirits can be timid, unsure, or even scared.

  6. Closing-when you have finished asking all the questions you want to, be sure to close by intentionally moving the planchette to "goodbye". If you do not say goodbye when you end the session, you have left the door open. The guests that you invited to speak will remain and continue to try to communicate. This may cause things to happen like you see in the movies. In order to close it, you will have to start over, speak with the previous guests you invited and close it out. Always be polite, no matter what.

Getting Rid of The Board

If at anytime you see signs that you need to get rid of the board, you can get rid of it. BUT you must do it safely. If you notice that the planchette moves independently with out anyone touching it, it says its evil, it points out power numbers such as "666" or spells deamon names, or anything else negative, these are signs its time to get rid of the board. holding onto it further would result in negative things happening to you and the other participants.

One easy thing you can do to stop all this is to simply ignore the board. Wrap it in cloth to "hide" it from the spirits then literally hide it. either in your attic, basement, back of a cupboard, anywhere unseen.

If you prefer to not do that, simply bury it somewhere off your property. You could bury it on your property, but I would advise against it.

You could donate it. There are people who will take in boards. It is said that by giving it away, it breaks any ties you may have had with the spirit(s). Do not try to give it to anyone who is uneducated in the use of Ouija Boards. I welcome anyone to send me their boards. you may email me for an address.

I'm sure you have heard of folks burning or breaking or cutting boards to get rid of them. Don't do this. Burning a board can cause fumes to enter the air from paint, sealants, adhesives, whatever was used to create the board. Breaking them is equivalent to breaking the front door of your house. By breaking a board, you are leaving a portal open, and you have now made it so that whatever came through it, can no longer go back to where it came from.

If there is anything in this article that is inaccurate or that you wish to add, feel free to reach out to me via email at

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