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How to Tell You are a Witch

If you opened this article, it must mean that you are wondering if you are a witch. Well, first we must know, what is a witch? according to google, "a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick." According to accusers and the courts during the 1692 Salem witch trials, you were a witch if you met any of these qualities:

-you're a woman

-you're poor

-you're rich

-you have one or more female friends

-you have an argument with one or more of those friends

-you had an argument with anyone (literally, anyone could accuse you of anything and if you argued against it, you're clearly making deals with the devil)

-you are old

-you are young

-you're a healer (as in, you can make chicken soup for your female friend that you are arguing with and they feel better quickly. never mind the science behind the healing powers of food)

-you're married and have no children or not enough children (weren't things a bit scarce in that time? it would seem economically sound to have as few kids as possible)

-your neighbors can't have kids

-you act not normal (in other words, if you were demanding, bitter, stubborn, short tempered, you had every indication of being a witch)

-you have any marking on your body; a mole, a birthmark and especially a third nipple which you allow your familiar to attach to)

-you have sex out of wedlock

-dairy expires in your fridge

-you attempted to predict who your future husband is

-you broke any rule in the bible

Quick side note: I was going to include fun facts about how it became a known thing for witches to be riding on broomsticks, but it would appear that it's something you may want to google for yourself. Certainly an interesting fact.

So, does any of that sound like you? no? me neither.

It is said that witches are people who are able to move between worlds. Those being the spiritual and the earthly. Though Hollywood had muddied the image of a witch in the past, it is something that is becoming more common. I personally believe that anyone can be a witch, as we were all given divine grace. Never let anyone tell you that a witch is synonymous with the Devil, unless that is your deity of choice or calling. Witches are simply anyone who is in tune with the universe, who has gifts or knowledge that can be used for good, just as well as for bad.

Before I move forward, I want to point out that one of the biggest driving factors of the Salem witch trials was to convert folks. Fear has always been what drives people to do things. So, make them afraid of their own neighbor and not only would they do right by God, but they would stay in church.


Now, there are many types of witches, witchcraft and the like. If I had to pick a label to toss onto what type I am, it would be simply "eclectic". I practice different types of the craft, pray to different deities, believe in different things and have a few gifts.

So, how did I know I was a witch? well, when I was 11 years old, my mother and I moved into a small house in a small village nestled in a small city in Indiana. We left a really nice house behind because her husband at the time had become abusive towards us. They were arguing one day and something told me to pack a suit case. I did. As I placed my bible (we were avid church goers at a local Pentecostal sect) in my suitcase and zipped it, my mom grabbed me by the arm and said "lets go". I started to cry because we didn't grab my beloved cat, Selena (we later got her back btw). Any way, after bouncing from a women's shelter, to a friend's place, we finally landed that house. We had been there for a week and I had a dream. In the dream, I woke up from a knock on the door. It was my former babysitter/neighbor with 2 paper bags and a box full of food and toiletries. she said she brought it by to help out. My mom and I began to put it away.

A week after having this dream, I am awakened by a knock at the door and everything that happened in my dream, began to unfold exactly like my dream. I was absolutely flabbergasted! I told my mom "mom! I had a dream about this! I can tell you exactly what is in these bags!" I listed off the items, the ground round, the celery, the bread, the canned corn and green beans, I told her there was toilet paper and "head and shoulders" brand shampoo in the box, I gave specifics. My mom simply replied with "m-hm". I'm 11 years old and freaking out and all I get is "m-hm"? like, you already know this or??? I later went to an aunt and my grandma to get answers. that is a whole other article.

So, long story short, trauma. Trauma awakened what ever was in me that lead me to search for answers and expand on this newfound gift of mine. I also later found out that an event I experienced in the house we fled from would let me know I also have the gift of medium-ship. I can see, hear and sense spirits and energies that others are not aware of.

I am a solo practitioner and self taught. Thus, my encouragement to seek knowledge yourself as well as correcting me if I am wrong. I do research on each thing I know. I also ask fellow witch friends for advice now and then. I could not teach any of you, I can only simply tell you of my experience and I can suggest things.

There are many opinions on what makes one a witch. I personally believe that there is no one thing that makes anyone a witch. Everyone has the ability to practice the craft and if you do, then, yes, you are a witch. That isnt to say that there are no tell tale signs synonymous with being a witch.

Below, I've gathered a list of what the internet says and what I believe. You do not have to check-mark each of these to be an "official witch".

You Practice Witchcraft

This is the most obvious. If you actively practice the craft, even if it is not daily, you are a witch. By the way, males certainly can be witches as well. This is not strictly left to us females, despite puritan beliefs.

You Live in a Magical World

Did you ever collect grass, flower petals, sticks and rocks and try to make potions as a child? do you currently do that? Perhaps you would pretend to have magical powers, or you often would pretend to cast spells? Well, were those things really pretend? Having done any of that may suggest that you felt the magic in the world around you, in nature, in yourself, in others.

You're a Collector of Nature

All those rocks you collected, why did you do that? you saw that rock, among so many others and something in you said you had to have it. Maybe it was a leaf? Perhaps it was animal bones. maybe you found some and thought "I could use this" but for what? did you know?

You're a Dreamer

Have you ever had a dream that came true? Do you have strange dreams in general? This could be a possible sign as well.

History Buff

History is such a great subject to learn about and talk about. Ancient times, the many Gods and Goddesses, rulers, Kings, Queens, Inventors. It is said that folks who are fascinated by history also have many other qualities of being a witch.

Numbers and Luck

You may see repeating numbers, or have several favorites because you have found that they are prominent when you happen to have a really good day or have a bit of luck. The more you learn about the craft, the more you see that numbers play a massive role in the path you are meant to be on. Which numbers were handed to you?

Space Case

The stars, the moon, the planets, all of them not only interest you, but, it would seem, as though these things also play a pretty seismic position in your life. You may have also been able to tell when there is a full moon, or when one is approaching.

Family Ties

It's not always the case, but often, you may have just been born as a witch. once in a while, that little gift skips generations.

The Witching Hour

Insomnia, night owl, 3rd find that you are often your most creative during the witching hours, which is said to be between 12am and 3 am.

Messages from the Future

Did you see that cloud the other day? the one that looked like an arrow when you were wondering if you should stay or go? Was that a sign? That tree that looked like a heart when you were thinking about your crush, weird coincidence, right? Wrong. Well surely the left over tea leaves mean nothing, even though you saw the shape of a house? Divination, signs, YOU see them because you are meant to.

Old Friends in New People

You have found, through out life that you bump into strangers and their face, the things they say, it all seems familiar. This is some one you knew in a past life, or perhaps you know the future, not directly, but subconsciously. You know this person, even though you just met them. It could be that you had a dream or visions of them. Your subconscious knows way more than your conscious mind. If you can find a way to tap into it, you will find that many of your questions can be answered by you.

Black Sheep

This is a classic indicator. You never fit in with your family, your school, your church even. Why? because you're a witch, and those folks aren't.

The Mark

No, not the mark of the beast. Rather a mole above your right elbow on the inside of your arm, or perhaps you have a mark that suggests you are clairvoyant, one of which is a "v" under your ring finger, or one that connects your ring and pinky finger. 2 vertical lines beneath the pinky finger indicates that you are a "healer". Other markings are moles, scars, port-wine stains, warts, blue or red dots. Some may be in shapes of sigils or common shapes. Of course you should always consult with a doctor to make sure it is nothing bad. if it is not, then you, my friend could very well be a witch.

This is not a complete list of signs or markings of course. I encourage you to do further research as well as meditating and searching with in yourself and even your family history to conclude rather or not you are a witch. In my own personal opinion, as I have stated before, if you practice witchcraft, you, my dear, are a witch.


If there is anything you would like to add to this article, feel free to email me at

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Blessed Be!

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