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Crystals, Rocks and Gems

As a child, I collected rocks. As an adult, I knew why.

Have you ever been walking outside and a rock happens to catch your eye and you pick it up, it feels nice and you have to have it? Nature has a funny way of providing everything we need. Not just the food we eat, or the water we drink, or the trees which filter the air for us, but even the rocks, crystals, gems, all holds an energy. Each bit of nature gives us something we can use.

Below, I will cover stones that I have in my store and what they can do for us.

Amethyst- psychic work, divination, sleep (place under pillow), love, courage, peace, overcoming addictions, intuition, balance, higher wisdom

Amazonite- change and transformation, self expression, creativity, confidence, self love, harmony

Angelite- divine love, gentleness, healing, connect with spirit guides, pair with animal totems, inner peace, balance, universal/ethereal connections

Aragonite- healing, balance, focus, grounding, stress, confidence, emotional well being

Black Tourmaline- protection, banishing, security, stress, lighter vibrations, clears energy

Black Obsidian- purification, protection, grounding, fulfillment, manifestation, psychic ability, protection, practicality

Black Onyx- block negativity, patience, determination, focus, discipline, self mastery

Bloodstone- purification, courage, vitality, motivation, see truth, protect against threats or bullying, aid difficulties in mothering, mental clarity

Blue Goldstone- deflection, motivaiton, protection, wisdom, energy, courage, communication, hypersensitive empaths

Blue Lace Agate- grounding, nourishment, stability, joy, personal growth

Bumble Bee Jasper- earth energy, grounding, self esteem, sleep, cleanse the mind

Carnelian- passion, sexual energy, creativity, mental efficiency, boosts ability to learn, vitality

Chevron Amethyst- mental clarity, calmness, rids of negative energy

Citrine- promotes positive energy, brightness, clearing, imagination, manifestation

Clear Quartz- awareness, clarity, energy, amplifies benefits of other stones

Dumortierite- inner guidance, clear blocked or suppressed emotions, visualization, healing from trauma

Emerald- love, compassion, abundance, money, luck

Flourite- improves concentration, helps absorb new information

Garnet- manifesting, self worth, healing, strength, stamina, motivation

Grape Agate- courage, teamwork, stability, balance, answers from the divine sources

Green Aragonite- energy, self confidence, spiritual development, raises vibration, grounding

Green Kyanite- encourages linear and logical thinking, meditation, wisdom, dignity, telepathy

Golden Healer- joy, happiness, communication, cleansing

Goldstone- uplifting, vitality, physical pains, goals, ambition, luck

Gold Tiger's Eye- money, divination, energy, courage, will power, self motivation, balance, discernment, grounding

Green Aventurine- creativity, art, find solutions, anxiety, health, emotional wellbeing, wealth, prosperity, luck

Howlite- surrender, letting go of attachments, ambitions, memory, desire for learning

Labradorite- intuition, psychic abilities, journeying, cosmic energy, self soothing, mental clarity, connections

Lapis Lazuli- psychic vision, celestial energy, nobility, truth, deep peace, open mind, enlightenment

Lava- grounding, courage, guidance, help in bouncing back quick from negative situations, anger

Magnetic Hematite- grounding, inner strength, courage, manifestation

Moonstone- new beginnings, acceptance of change, inner work, patience

Natural Cat's Eye- grounding, protective energy, ward off evil energies, psychic abilities, wealth (obtain or regain)

Natural Turquoise- healing, inner harmony, peace, calmness, depression, exhaustion, cleansing

Nephrite- proteciton, luck, health, wealth, lucid dreaming, speed up healing, divine energy

Opalized Flourite (tiffany stone)- neurological disorders, health, love, sexual

Peacock Ore- chemical imbalances, harmony, adrenaline, fevers, energy blockages

Pink Himalayan Salt- health, protection, warding of negativity

Pink Mangano Calcite- peace, serenity, meditation, energy, self love/acceptance

Pyrite- strength, stability, keeps you free from shackles, wealth, abundance

Rainbow Magnetic Hematite- psychic and metaphysical, self worth, memory, confidence, inner peace, calm

Rainbow Moonstone- balance, hope, intuition, perception, clarity, harmony, creativity, compassion

Rainbow Obsidian- illumination, energy, grounding, depression, fear, emotions, hope

Red Jasper- strength, stability, honesty, grounding, earth energy

Rose Quartz- love, compassion, romance, emotional healing

Rutilated Quartz- spiritual growth, cleansing, imagination, absorbs negative energy

Sedona Red Jasper- feminine energy, grounding, pregnancy, increases love and courage

Selenite- wisdom, higher vibration, clarity, connection to divine mind and angelic realm

Serpentine- see hidden mysteries (or lies), observation, instinct

Shungite- healing, purifying, detoxifying, absorbs negativity, health, protection, stress, anxiety, insomnia, energy

Smokey Quartz- memory, immune system, the go to for all things requiring mental and physical well being

Snowflake Obsidian- acceptance, transmutation, spiritual protection, release wrong thinking, purify, grounding

Sodalite- communication, truth, self-expression, insight, clarity, logic, inner peace, rationality

Stone Jet- strength, protection, purification, grounding, out of body experience

Stromatolite- transformation, purpose, meditation, removes blockages, new view of life

Sunstone- worthiness, abundance, joy, enthusiasm, promotions, strength, independence, wisdom, is also considered to bring what you want, if worn on your receptive hand, and when worn on the transmitting hand, can send blessings and healing to others

Tree Agate- immune system, inner peace, calms nerves, mental protection, grounding, connection to nature

Unkanite- vision, scrying, balance

Vesuvinite- release pent up anger, level emotions, repel negative thoughts, release feelings of imprisonment, courage, openness to love and change


Thank you for reading! if there is anything you see which needs corrected, or you would like to add to this article, or you simply have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at

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