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Metaphysical Supplies and Services

Welcome to my store, where I offer multi-religious goods and services that will help you along your spiritual path. I have ever expanding collections of various items. I add things daily and update weekly. While my store is only here, online for now, I will soon be traveling to different locations and festivals. 

Along with goods, I offer services. Tarot readings and mediumship services. you can read more about these in the "services" page. 

I also provide informative articles in my blog about items I sell in my store, as well as some spiritual information. The articles are based off my general knowledge as well as research.

I have a few socials, Facebook is the one I update most often. Be sure to follow all of them for the most up to date information. 

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Locally Sourced

Straight from one of your local witch's broom closet, I offer you items that you are either afraid to make yourself, can't seem to find anywhere else, or simply don't have time for. So far, I have spell bottles, moon water, and cat whiskers. These items will be available as they are made, found or gathered. Pictures you see on here are examples and your product may vary in looks. I'll also even help you put together a spell kit in your shopping basket. not sure what you need? ask me!

Spell Bottles

From the shelves of my own apothecary, to your hands, these spell bottles can be used in many ways by anyone for anything. I offer premade as well as custom spell bottles. to get a custome spell bottle, simply pick "custom" then email me what you need it for.

Moon Water

Moon water is one of the many many useful tools in the world of the craft. many religions use it. each full moon, I charge a small bit of water. Each bottle you buy will tell you the moon it was charged under, the date and what that particular moon was good for.

Gifts from the Wild

Animals provide for us more than we notice. sheddings of whiskers, claw sheaths, even bones can be used in magick workings. I offer some of these things. each thing is ethically sourced. No animals will ever be harmed for any of these. The collection is called "gifts" because the things collected from the animals have been discarded or left by them.

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out, I'd love to hear from you.

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